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Once the ESO is over, one of the options that students can choose is to study Baccalaureate. This stage consists of two academic years where students combine the study of common subjects, modality subjects depending on the itinerary and the research project.

In Lleó XIII we offer 4 lines of Baccalaureate: two lines of daytime, an evening one and another in the facilities of the Futbol Club Barcelona. In addition, we also offer the Dual Baccalaureate that also allows you to obtain the High School degree.

During the Baccalaureate stage we consolidate the contents and work methodologies so that students assume a series of competences, skills and attitudes necessary for their social, academic, professional and human development in the immediate future and enhance their searching capacities. The main objective of this stage is that students finish by exalting the word effort to get the most out of each student based on their individual abilities.

How can we achieve it? 25 students maximum per classroom which allows us to carry out an individualized accompaniment, a sign of identity of our educational project, and therefore, allows students to assume their objectives individually.

Alumnes Escola Lleó XIII

Day Baccalaureate

In our center you can study the Day Baccalaureate from 8h to 14h30. Within the day Baccalaureate you can choose between the scientific, technological, humanistic, and social modalities.

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Bachilllerato dual Escuela Lleó XIII

Dual Baccalaureate

The dual baccalaureate is a double degree of Spanish and North American Baccalaureate. It is a face-to-face and online modality in which students can also obtain the High School degree.

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Bachilerato nocturno Escuela Lleó XIII

Night Baccalaureate

From 5pm to 9pm, students can choose between the following 4 modalities: scientific, technological, humanistic, and social.

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Sports equipment

We remind you again that the sports equipment for all students is mandatory for the 2022-23 academic year.


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