Dual Baccalaureate

From the age of 14


The dual baccalaureate is a double degree of Spanish and North American baccalaureate that consists of the obligation on the part of the students to take 6 subjects of the North American educational model. Thanks to this program, which is recommended to start from 3rd year of ESO, students can simultaneously study both studies.

Accedeix a Academica


After 14 years (3rd ESO). At 18 years old justification is required.


Online connections in the evening with native teachers.


From 3 to 5 hours per week online mode


It consists of 6 subjects distributed in various courses.




The baccalaureate studied in Lleó XIII has as main objectives:

  • To offer the student the techniques and procedures necessary to be able to adapt properly to the beginning of subsequent studies.
  • Provide resources for the student to analyze their preferences and abilities in an appropriate frame of reference with appropriate guidance.
  • Contribute to the personal development of the student and the incorporation into adult life in a satisfactory way.
  • Consolidate content and work methodologies so that students assume a series of skills necessary for academic and human development.

On the other hand, the dual baccalaureate prepares students to acquire the best levels of competence based on three main objectives:

  • Language immersion: acquisition of an advanced bilingual level.
  • Technological immersion: 100% online, allows students to work and develop in a future environment, totally digital.
  • Personal immersion: the student acquires responsibility, autonomy, and maturity, also learns to manage time, adapt and be more flexible to work in different and multicultural environments.

Bachilllerato dual Escuela Lleó XIII


Students of the dual diploma work from home. The Academica International Studies program offers students all the necessary content and activity platforms and communication. The relationship between the student and the teachers is carried out through individual videoconferences and scheduled live sessions; very important activities to reinforce knowledge, solve doubts and improve the spoken level.

Students of the Dual Diploma only have to take 6 subjects to obtain the American qualification. We highly recommend to start on 3rd of ESO doing two subjects per course untill 1sts Baccalaureate.

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