The School

Lleó XIII is a charter private Education Center arranged by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Lleó XIII is an active, dynamic, multilingual school, prepared to lead projects that need pedagogical, structural and functional flexibility.

Prevention of bullying with pets

What is it? Lleó XIII School has promoted, in collaboration with the Affinity Foundation, a pioneering program to prevent bullying through dog therapy.

Objectives: Encourage respect and prevent bullying at school: participating children develop social skills such as respect and equality between people. Therefore, this activity is mandatory.

Who is it for? To students of 6th grade of Primary and 3rd of ESO every school year.

Who collaborates? The Affinity Foundation and the Affinity Animal and Health Foundation Chair (of the Autonomous University of Barcelona), as well as the professors and teachers of Lleó XIII.

Escola verda Lleó XIII

Green School

What is it?

In Lleó XIII we work with “More sustainable schools” (Formerly known as Agenda 21), a project of the Barcelona City Council created with the aim of contributing to Sustainability from education. After 10 courses developing the project, Barcelona City Council has recognized our effort with a distinctive plaque.


  • Raise awareness of the importance of caring for the environment both in Primary and ESO students, as well as in the entire educational community.
  •  Acquire habits of respect and Sustainability.
  • Work for a cleaner and ecologically more effective world.

Projecte solidari Escola Lleó XIII

Solidarity Project

What is it?

The Lleó XIII School, in its commitment to responsibility in the integral education of students, we work in favor of social justice, equity and equality between people. We educate our students in values of solidarity and social conscience with the aim of advancing in the sensitization and awareness of our students and we work on the need to show an attitude of indignation against injustice and to contribute to build a dignified life for all.


  • Encourage participation and educational co-responsibility.
  • Work to improve unfair or unequal educational situations that occur in the environment.
  • Contribute to other cooperation agents, such as NGOs or various social entities.
  • To offer a vision of global justice to children, a way of seeing the world and of being critical of inequalities.


What is it?

Robotics are a set of pedagogical activities that help students to learn and become interested in mathematics and spatial construction in a playful way by building robots.


  • Developed oculomotor coordination.
  • Ask questions about how to resolve possible internal conflicts when making a construction.
  • Know and internalize the spatial notion.
  • Develop creativity.
  • Progressively achieve affective and emotional security.
  • Think, create, elaborate explanations about the compositions made.

Scientific Project 

What is it?

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, electronics and other branches of scientific-technological knowledge are the base of the structure of our project.


  • Encourage interest in science and technology.
  • Analyze, synthesize and draw conclusions from the reading of texts of scientific-technical scope.
  • Provide strategies, tools and resources for problem solving.
  • Experiment and contrast with previous knowledge and ideas.
  • Know the historical context of science and technology.
  • Assess the ethical and moral implications of scientific activity.
  • Develop communication skills through presentation of experiments, facts or scientific curiosities.
  • Underline the playful side of science and technology.
  • Relate science and technology with other areas of human knowledge: social sciences, history, economics, art…

“To do science, is to see what everyone has seen, and to think what no one has ever thought” Dr. Albert Szent (1893-1986), Nobel Prize in Medicine, (1937)

Kindergarten Lions School


What is it?

Mediation is a project that aims, within the framework of today’s increasingly diverse, plural and heterogeneous societies, to pay attention and follow up on these new sensitivities, especially rooted among teenagers, and to impose new methodological approaches in the resolution of conflicts, based on the reinforcement of dialogue between the different parties involved in a school:  students, teaching staff and families.

The conflict resolution department is considered in this way, as one of the key gears for the overall proper functioning of the center and as a useful instrument of reinforcement during tutorials.


  • Strengthen links between all members of the school community: students, teachers and non-teaching staff.
  • Promote an open and friendly environment in the activities of the center and develop them in the most satisfactory way possible.
Alumnes Llar Escola Lleó XIII" alt="">


The main ideology on which our educational project is based, the way in which we apply these principles to our model and our position within the sector.


Projecte Singular" alt="">

Singular Project

Plan of Studies designed to make school life compatible with the practice of sport or dance and / or music studies.


Escola Lleó XIII Edifici Principal" alt="">


Integrated by education practitioners with all the necessary training and experience.


Instal·lacions Escola Lleó XIII" alt="">


More than 5,400m² of facilities distributed in two buildings with all the necessary equipment.



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