The Department of Psychopedagogical Guidance(DOPP) is the support to the teaching team in the task of detecting and attending diversity, offering an adequate response to the educational needs of all students.

Funcions del DOPP

Functions of the  DOPP
  1. Assessment of the educational needs of the students.
  2. Offer guidance, support and resources in relation to teaching and learning processes. Students with special educational needs(ADHD,ASD, Dyslexia,  Dysalculia,  AACC, Behavior Disorder…) are treated with support within the ordinary classroom through individualized plans (agreed with external professionals and family). Thanks to these plans, the student has more tools to assume the contents in a personalized way.
  3. Interviews with families to have constant communication about the development of the student and to assess the actions that are carried out jointly.
  4. Direct attention to students with specific educational needs inside and outside the classroom, in small groups, according to the priority criteria established by the School.
  5. Coordination of the actions of the external services:  EAP,  CREDA,  CRETDIC,  EAIA, psychologist and external therapists who take part in the students’ attention.
  6. Development of preventive and detection programs and development of appropriate protocols and materials.


Attention to diversity – inclusion school

In Lleó XIII, each student has their own characteristics and needs, and being aware of this, we are sensitive to this reality, taking advantage of it to enrich learning both academically and emotionally and socially. Respect and tolerance for diversity and difference is part of our educational backbone.

Escola Lle

The CAD: Commission for Attention to Diversity

It is the one that guarantees and ensures compliance with this entire process. It is a structure of the center that responds, through adequate attention, to those students who present more specific educational needs than the rest of their classmates. Therefore, it proposes the organization and management of support measures to serve all the students of the School and carries out monitoring and evaluation to adjust them to every needs.

Its main functions are:

  • Prevent and detect, from very early on, possible students with specific educational support needs.
  • Support the student and teacher to address the diversity within the classroom.
  • Collaborate with the tutors doing curriculum adaptations and preparation, adjustment of activities and didactic materials that facilitate the learning of the student, to ensure their participation in the daily activities of the class group.
  • Share the difficulties that arise in the classroom in relation to diversity and students who have learning difficulties.
  • Propose individualized support plans and plan the actions and meetings necessary for their development and fulfilment.
  • Collaborate with the tutor in the coordination with the family and other services(EAP,  CDIAP,  CREDA,  CSMIJ, social assistance, family interviews …)
  • Advise the teaching team on the introduction of universal measures to deal with the diversity of the class group.

Mari Luz Martínez has a degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Barcelona (UB).

She is responsible for the monitoring and accompaniment of ESO students and baccalaureate.

Lucía Carrillo has a degree in Psychology from the Ramón
Llull University.

She is responsible for the monitoring and accompaniment of Infant and Primary students.


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