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10 de November de 2021


The dining service is a space parents rely due to work or personal reasons. But beyond a support service for families, Lleó XIII understands the dining room as an educational space 100% in English integrated into the School’s project.

The dining service in Lleó XIII

The dining time is a pedagogical tool where monitors work with students in order to develop the senses, experience textures, colors or tastes and learn to socialize. The dining service is therefore an educational opportunity where monitors take advantage of working on food education and hygiene and socialization habits. In short, an educational space in which the good relationship between peers and positive attitudes towards food is promoted, in addition to favoring the learning of hygiene and eating habits.

Our food project is based on proximity and fresh product understood as a type of quality and seasonal product that has been grown or produced close to the place they are finally sold. A quality product that guarantees freshness, respects the natural processes of cultivation and benefits the environment. To guarantee all these criteria, Lleó XIII works together with Central Borne as a trusted supplier.

Our menus are prepared by our team of dietitians and nutritionists with the advice of cooks and endocrinologists considering the nutritional needs of children. The diet we offer is a balanced and varied Mediterranean diet based on the recommendations of the Department of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the recommendations of the European Food Safety Agency and the World Health Organization, therefore, a diet in which we ensure that daily contains the three main food groups: carbohydrates, protein, and vegetables.

When preparing menus, our team of dietitians and nutritionists take into account nutritional aspects such as the frequency of use of food; sensory aspects such as smell; and the use of varied culinary techniques such as oven, papillote or griddle; as well as the use of soft sauces, among others. This allows that nutritionally every month we have quality food and a great gastronomic variety; and that educationally, we work on the identification and progressive acceptance of different foods.

In addition to cover special needs such as intolerances or allergies, we offer adapted menus to athletes since we are the only charter school in Catalonia that has the Department of Education of Generalitat of Catalonia approval to teach the Singular Project, understood as a curriculum where students can combine the practice of sport or dance and / or music studies with the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and skills require to improve in the student training.

We also adapt our menus to any type of tradition or party such as Christmas or Sant Jordi, adding and offering dishes such as galets soup, grilled lamb or nougat, that is, typical foods of these celebrations as long as children eat healthy without giving up the typical holidays traditions.

The dining service is therefore a space where children, monitors, cooks, the School and the family form an active part and have a shared responsibility. A group of people without whom we could not develop a quality pedagogical project adapted to the needs of our center.

Lleó  XIII has its own kitchen and offers the dining service on an annual or punctual basis. Are you interested? Contact us by email in

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