10 ideas to encourage creativity in the little ones

2 de November de 2021


Creativity is the ability of a person to create things, think of new ideas or provide different solutions to a problem. Being creative is synonymous with being curious and observant, having the ability to improvise, and therefore, to see reality with different eyes.

Encouraging and developing creativity in the youngest is essential in their development since they demonstrate their cognitive, motor and sensory skills through it. Although all people are supposed to have this ability, childhood is the best time to cultivate it.

From a young age, we express ourselves through dance, writing or painting. This way of expression is what is known as the creative process and serves mainly to externalize and communicate our thoughts. Dedicating part of the day to activities such as dancing, cooking, drawing or playing outdoors is a way to encourage creativity and therefore, to appropriate images that represent part of the children’s world. Curiosity during the first educational stage of our sons and daughters is great and as parents and guardians we have to work to satisfy it as well as boosting them to want to know more and ask themselves more questions.

According to multiple studies, childhood that covers the first six years of life, is the best stage to instill and work most values. Childhood is a unique time of growth where the brain develops remarkably. It is during this stage when children receive a greater influence from their environments and contexts and when they show a greater capacity for imagination that is not limited by the knowledge or rationality imposed by society. Childhood is therefore the moment in which the best conditions are given to acquire the tools that will allow them to develop in any situation throughout their lives.

How is creativity worked in Lleó XIII?

Being creative means to be able to build or develop in any situation in a novel way, that is, without imitating what has been learned or seen. Creativity is a skill that is worked through exercises in the School and it is important to encourage it also at home by building an environment where children feel comfortable to explore what surrounds them and capture their creations.

Education is one of the most important tools when it comes to promoting creativity in children and must be used with the aim of learning to know themselves, to develop their potential and to love themselves with the attitudes and aptitudes they possess.

Lleó XIII encourages creativity through different techniques such as:

  • Games. Games are one of the most important ways through children gain essential knowledge and skills. Playing is a way of learning by enjoying: it puts us in the right mood, encourages spontaneity, the ability to analyze and intuition. Good humor is directly connected to the brain development of creativity and therefore helps to remember much better what is lived.
  • Music. Singing or dancing is a way for children to express themselves bodily and therefore, a way to encourage creativity among the little ones.
  • Drawing.
  • Books. Telling stories entertains children and enhances their creative capacity as well as their imagination.
  • The interpretation of figures respecting always their ideas as long as children can perceive what they have done or said has value.

Creativity is an important skill to work on from home, too. As parents we have to help our sons and daughters to lose the fear of making mistakes and encourage creativity to help them to face life and know which path to choose. The best way? Dedicating time to motivation and enjoying while we educate.

As we know it is not always easy, so Lleó XIII offers you a series of tips to keep in mind:

  1. Let them explore and experiment without guiding them. Let them have the freedom to do things on their own.
  2. Let them ask questions and think about the answers. Help them find the answers instead of giving them the solution.
  3. Visit museums or take them on a hike to give them the option to get to know other worlds.
  4. Stimulate their imagination by asking them questions. Encourage them to ask you questions to develop critical thinking.
  5. Encourage them to give you ideas and congratulate them so that they lose their fear.
  6. Spend time playing. Children learn by playing.
  7. Don’t organize the day with a lot of activities. Let them have time to let their imagination run wild.
  8. Read and create stories with them.
  9. Set goals and challenges that can be assumed to stimulate them.
  10. Limit the time spent on television and computer.

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