Cultural Club

Lleó XIII school considers important to develop physically and mentally. For this reason, we propose a series of activities that will help you discover other forms of expression to complement your training. This year we have:


Aimed at children who like dance, music and theatre: this activity helps to develop knowledge and the way of thinking and speaking. At the end of the course, students lose their fear of public speaking and gain full control of each stage space.

Hip hop

HIP HOP O JAZZ – Kindergarten and Primary

In collaboration with the  Menchu Duran Dance School, we offer hip hop or jazz classes where students learn to enhance the union and the feeling of team whilst having fun.

CHORAL SINGING – Kindergarten and Primary

Singing is linked to the human condition and it is difficult to understand most historical, social and even personal situations without being linked to a sung manifestation.

Singing, therefore, is not only using the vocal instrument in the most virtuous way possible, but it is also an effective, unique, personal and non-transferable tool that becomes a direct communication channel of the human being.