New educational proposal: 3 new higher degree cycles!

21 de February de 2022

We are addressing you to share with great enthusiasm some news for next course that we are just making official with the Department of Education.

From the next academic year 2022-23 we will add to the current educational proposal 3 new higher degree cycles:

  • Higher Level Training Cycle in Marketing and Advertising with a duration of 2 academic years and with a very complete program of 2000 hours that includes internships in company.
  • Higher Level Training Cycle in WEB Application Development.
  • Higher Level Training Cycle in Multiplatform Application Development.
These two technologies training cycles are 2 years each, that is, 2000 teaching hours with internships in the second year. In addition, they have the great advantage of having the same common block (program of the course of the 1st year) so the student can have both degrees in just one more year; fact that provides access to a wide range of possibilities in the labor market. Our school makes a clear commitment to higher level training cycles after ending the Baccalaureate since they are itineraries that offer many future options to your children:
  • Internships in companies
  • Access to work with a wide range of labor market.
  • Direct access to University if your children would like to continue studying.
Lleó XIII School will be expanding and making a commitment to offer a range of very attractive options for your children that enables them to decide their future with great enthusiasm and motivation.

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