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Higher degree training courses (CFGS) are professional studies that are part of higher education and that prepare students for qualified activity in a professional field.

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Higher degree training courses

These courses last 2,000 hours (in two academic years) and are grouped into professional families.

The degree obtained at the end of a higher degree training cycle is that of technician or higher technician of the corresponding professional profile, which allows you to join the world of work and access university studies.

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What do I need to access it

People who meet any of the following requirements have direct access to the cycle:

  • have a high school diploma,
  • have the title of vocational training technician or visual arts and design technician, senior vocational training technician or visual arts and design technician or specialist technician,
  • have passed the second year of high school in any form of experimental high school,
  • have passed the university orientation course (COU) or the pre-university,
  • have a baccalaureate degree for having completed the unified polyvalent baccalaureate (BUP),
  • have any university degree or equivalent, or
  • have passed the university entrance test for those over the age of 25 or 45, or have entered the university for having accredited work or professional experience having reached the age of 40.

People who do not meet any of the above requirements must pass an entrance test . To apply, you must be 19 years old or older during the calendar year in which the test is taken.

What are the academic and professional opportunities

People who pass a higher degree training course obtain the title of higher technician, which allows them to access:

  • to any official undergraduate university degree or
  • in the world of work.

With these studies you obtain the title of higher technician or higher technician, which allows access to any official university degree. People who have graduated in a higher degree training cycle can obtain the validation of ECTS university credits.

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