Marketing and Advertising

People aged 16 and over


Work in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing sectors. With this Higher Level Cycle, you will acquire the appropriate skills for planning, organization, and management of marketing activities, as well as commercial research, advertising, and public relations.

Bachilllerato dual Escuela Lleó XIII

First School Year 924 hours
Financial and economic management 132 hours
Business research 132 hours
Career orientation 99 hours
English 132 hours
Marketing policies 165 hours
Customer and user assistance 99 hours
Digital marketing 165 hours


Second School Year 924 hours
Communication aid 99 hours
Elaboration and design of communication materials 132 hours
Field work on marketing research 66 hours
Marketing event organization and PR 165 hours
Product and service launch 165 hours
Advertising and Marketing final project 99 hours
Professional training in workplace 300 hours








Career opportunities

  • Marketing and/or advertising technician
  • Technician in public relations and institutional communication
  • Organizer of marketing and communication events
  • Planning and programming assistant in media agencies
  • Assistant product manager
  • Technician in market research, public opinion, and fieldwork
  • Data encoder for commercial market research in advertising and media companies

Escola Lleó XIII

Higher level training cycles

Higher level training cycles (CFGS) are professionalized studies that are part of higher education and prepare students for qualified activity in a professional field.

These courses have a duration of 2000 hours (in two academic years) and are grouped into professional families.

The qualification obtained at the end of a higher level training cycle is that of a higher technician of the corresponding professional profile, which allows the student to access the job market and university studies.

Batxillerat Escola Lleó XIII

What do I need to access?

People who meet any of the following requirements have direct access to the cycle:

  • have a baccalaureate degree.
  • have the title of technician of vocational training or of plastic arts and design, superior technician of vocational training or of plastic arts and design or specialist technician,
  • have passed the second year of baccalaureate of any modality of experimental baccalaureate,
  • have passed the university orientation course (COU) or the pre-university course,
  • have a baccalaureate degree for having completed the unified polyvalent baccalaureate (BUP),
  • have any university degree or an equivalent,
  • have passed the university entrance exam for people over 25 or 45 or have accessed the university for having accredited work or professional experience having reached the age of 40.

People who do not meet any of these requirements have to pass an entrance test. To apply, you must be 19 years old or reach them during the natural year in which the test is performed.


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