Old Massachusetts Laws Still in Effect

25 de novembre de 2022

We studied some of these strange laws with Dan Farbman, a law professor at Boston College, and evaluated them on how absurd they are compared to modern standards. Farbman also describes why some of these laws were made and why some probably don`t make sense in the modern world. “I think it`s the responsibility that legislators always have to continue to review the laws that we pass and determine if they`re still relevant, if they`re current, if they`re enforceable, if they`re practical,” Sen. Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) told 22News. Today, Massachusetts` “blue laws” essentially refer to the restrictions that businesses must impose on Sundays and holidays. If the original laws were still enforced, the following 9 violations could bring you to your knees! I wonder what Puritans would think of our new marijuana laws. While Massachusetts and Berkshire County in particular have a lot to love and appreciate, whether it`s culture and arts, beautiful scenery, a less hectic lifestyle, or our passion for our local teams, there are indeed strange laws. These laws simply do not apply to Berkshire County, they apply to the state or majority of Massachusetts. In some cases, the laws only apply to one city in the Bay State, so even though the law is not a law in Berkshire County, we still included it for entertainment purposes. The other strange aspect of these laws is that many of them are still in effect, but as you may have guessed, people are not arrested or brought to justice if they break them. Most of these laws are definitely strange, they seem to have no rhyme or reason, but thanks to them we can talk about them together, read and laugh by going through each of them below. So whether you live in Berkshire County or Massachusetts in general, you need to know these 31 crazy laws. But do you really do it? “The laws on abortion and sex and so on, which criminalize a lot of things that we don`t think should be criminalized, and in fact, our courts have told us we can`t criminalize are still in effect, so the issue of cleaning up archaic laws is a big issue.” said State Senator William Brownsberger (D-Belmont).

Nothing beats a list of strange laws to show you how much things change over time. Are you in favor of the return of one of these old-fashioned edicts? Share with your friends and let us know in the comments! From parking tickets to children`s eggs, the law sometimes works in mysterious ways. With a little help from Dumblaws.com, we`ve rounded up some of Massachusetts` weirdest laws and regulations. Most of these laws are still in place, although they may not be enforced much these days, we hope. Look at these strange laws in Massachusetts and make sure you live within the law. The Legislative Assembly considers thousands of bills in each session, but only a small portion of them become law. While legislators are constantly updating laws, some become outdated and unenforceable over time. Personally, I wouldn`t mind if it were still valid! Most of them don`t make much sense to me as to why these are laws. I understand that it was a different time when they were written and enacted, but it still seems that legislators banded together and said, “Okay, we have our serious laws ready to pass now, let`s do a little haha to dodge our citizens.” Was a word even avoided at the time? Our legal system contains ancient and archaic laws that are either irrelevant to modern life or too obscure to be properly enforced. Whether it`s scaring pigeons or swearing at sporting events, many of you may have unwittingly broken a strange law that is still in effect in Bay State. Pilgrims first landed in Massachusetts in 1620 and immediately began to create a structured society. Since the state was just rough ground back then, and Boston was still a fairly rural city later, many laws created to maintain order in society no longer make sense today.

For example, people in Boston Common rarely have cows, although I wouldn`t rule it out completely. Although the infamous Blue Laws are over 340 years old, many still remain in the books. Fortunately for us, most have been declared unconstitutional and are no longer enforced. People who are divorced but still living together can be found guilty of adultery. Also, Massachusetts residents cannot accommodate a horse or mule on the second floor. These are just two of Massachusetts` strangest laws — most of which, though still in effect, have long been forgotten and rarely, if ever, enforced. The first settlers of Massachusetts fled England to escape religious persecution, but imposed rather strange laws to remain in God`s good grace. But getting rid of some laws might be harder than expected. The legislator has a different definition of laws considered outdated, especially on controversial issues such as abortion.

According to DumbLaws.com, these laws still exist in Massachusetts. Have you broken up lately? Of course, most of these laws are not enforced in today`s life, although they remain technically in the books of the state`s legal system. Imagine if Massachusetts were just an organized society, we had rules like no roots for New York sports teams and no Starbucks franchises within the state boundaries. Every person who gives, sells or provides to a patient of a hospital, except on the instruction of a physician, alcoholic beverages within the meaning of the first division of chapter one hundred and thirty-eight or a narcotic which suffers from intoxication or the effects of drunkenness or excessive use of narcotics or the effect of such consumption, and who, in his possession in the districts of a hospital, such a drink or drug with the intent to: Possession to transmit or deliver it to such a patient, except as prescribed above, is punishable by a fine not exceeding fifty dollars or imprisonment for a term not exceeding two months. Lawmakers told 22News it was time for the state to re-examine outdated laws, especially those that have lost their social relevance. There are nearly 300 chapters of Massachusetts` general laws, covering everything from property and household matters to criminal matters. There are thousands of other laws in place, some of which are centuries old and outdated. Lawmakers signed a bill in 2015 that updated and eliminated several outdated laws.

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