O Que Se Estuda Medicina Legal

25 de novembre de 2022

Would you like to know more about the field of forensic medicine, its specialties and the job market for those who want to devote themselves to this career? Click below and register now for IEFAP`s graduate program in forensic medicine and medical expertise! Forensic medicine is widely used in jurisprudence, whether in criminal, civil sciences or labour sciences, and assists in the enforcement of laws and ensures compliance with their social and cultural regulations. To study forensic medicine, there is no great secret. As you can already imagine, it is first necessary to obtain a bachelor`s degree in medicine in a college, such as: For many, this is a medical specialty, although it is a real knowledge that brings together the study not only of medicine, but also of law, paramedics, biology – a separate discipline with specializations. which serves the law more than medicine. Forensic medicine comprises a wide range of services at the interface between scientific practice and law and is currently situated in the field of social medicine. If we think about it, we created today`s article. You will better understand what forensic medicine is, what are the main areas of activity and specialties of this profession. You will also see what the job market looks like for those who decide to devote themselves to this field. The Forensic Medicine course, aimed exclusively at healthcare professionals, aims to introduce participants to key concepts and practices in the field and enable them to act as advisors or services directly related to the daily life of forensic pathology. Sources: pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medicina_legal medicina.med.up.pt/legal/IntroducaoML.pdf www.lava.med.br/vascular_geral/Medicina_Legal.pdf The postgraduate course in forensic pathology lasts 460 hours and is aimed at individuals with a university degree and a medical degree. Know the fields of study of forensic medicine and medical expertise The main objective of the scientific discipline is to study issues related to sexual relations and their impact on legal issues. Very important to solve sex crimes.

Forensic medicine serves the law, which aims to defend the interests of individuals and society, more than medicine. The legal name borrowed from this science indicates that, in the accomplishment of its noble mission, it also serves the legal and social sciences, with which it therefore maintains close relations. It is medicine and law that complement each other, without engalants. Forensic tanatology is dedicated to the study of information about the circumstances of death, such as its mechanisms and causes, such as accidents, homicides, suicides or deaths due to natural causes. Thus, it is assumed that it is forensic medicine as a social science, not only the diagnosis of the case, but also the contribution through expertise to the “therapy” of situations and, above all, to their prevention and rehabilitation/reintegration/reintegration. The specialty of forensic medicine focuses on the study of the health and mental integrity of the individual and his ability to accept acts of civil life or to be held criminally responsible for his attitudes. Im 20. However, there are major changes in our society that are changing the scope of forensic pathology as well as other forensic sciences due to changes such as: In addition, partnerships with the city`s leading health centers, hospitals and outpatient clinics help students gain their first professional experience. Not to mention Canal Conecta, an exclusive portal that presents vacancies to students according to their profile.

Forensic science emerged to work together to solve problems that exist among members of society, making group life viable and less hectic. “Forensic medicine is the body of medical and paramedical knowledge intended to serve the law, collaborating in its elaboration, assisting in the interpretation and collaborating in the execution of legal instruments related to its field of activity of applied medicine” (Hélio Gomes).

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