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24 de novembre de 2022

We accept the delivery of legal documents to legal@det.nsw.edu.au. If you need to deliver a printed copy, please contact this email address so we can make arrangements. Students should also be aware that all of their emails and web search history are kept for two years and that these records can be used for school investigations, prosecutions, and other legal reasons. Data about a student`s web search history and emails sent or received are stored for two years. School principals may request access to these registers for the purpose of school-based surveys. Students should be informed that this data may also be used for other criminal investigations. Already in elementary school, students and parents are often asked to sign a note outlining expectations regarding Internet use at school. These Internet authorization notes are the school-level process based on departmental policy that recognizes the school`s expectations for acceptable behaviour. It is important that you have a discussion with your child before signing their authorization form. Students have the right to expect secure access to the Internet and certain online services as part of their studies. Access to the Internet and online communication services is for research, learning and communication between students and staff only. Did you know that you accept the ministry`s acceptable use policy every time you log on to a computer or laptop managed by the Ministry of Education? Did you know that the Ministry of Education maintains web filter lists that restrict students` access to certain websites? The ministry`s web filters are actively monitored and maintained, but many new websites appear every day.

From time to time, you may find a website that is not categorized or miscategorized. As a result, gambling sites can be accidentally unblocked and legitimate educational content blocked. Among other internal consequences of the school, teachers can revoke Internet access for students via EMU on the departmental portal. Legal informationPhone: 02 7814 3896legal@det.nsw.edu.au According to documents filed with the Supreme Court of New South Wales, IRC orders prohibited the union from calling a planned strike in December and further protests until May 31. If you`re not sure how to answer these questions, it may be helpful to review your school`s behaviour management plan. The May strikes were the second round of 24-hour industrial action in six months to pressure the state government to improve teachers` wages and working conditions. State government accuses New South Wales Teachers` Federation of breaching Industrial Relations Commission orders Teachers and school leaders should also be aware of the review of mobile phone use in schools in 2019. Mobile phones are prohibited during school hours for primary school students. For high school students, it is up to the principal to decide whether your school prohibits or allows cell phones during school hours. Your school`s behaviour management plan already teaches teachers how to identify and respond to inappropriate behaviour in the classroom and playground. Inappropriate behaviour on the Internet can be treated in the same way as other inappropriate behaviour at school. Teachers will feel more comfortable integrating technology into their teaching and learning if they can rely on consistent school routines.

The industrial action was part of a series of strikes in the state`s public sector, during which train drivers, nurses and paramedics also carried out such industrial action. Find contacts for the Rights and Accountability section. If you suspect that a student has violated the acceptable use policy, the student may be held liable for the consequences outlined in your school`s behaviour management plan. In addition to the consequences at school, pupils who breach the Directive could be deprived of internet access by the school head or the delegated ICT coordinator. 3.05 Family Law: Review of Family Law and AVO and their Impact on Schools and Student and Parent Management While each of the unions had different demands, the complaints focused on a long-standing 2.5% salary cap for civil servants – which the government announced last week to increase by 0.5%. If you wish to access a student`s records, please contact your principal. On your behalf, your customer can request EdConnect to access these logs. To ensure that all students and teachers in public schools have safe, high-quality access to the internet, the New South Wales Department of Education expects all staff and students to understand and comply with the policy on the use of digital devices and online services for students. Students have a responsibility to report inappropriate behaviours and materials to their teacher. Internet and online communication services are equipped with antivirus, web filtering and other security measures, and students should not attempt to disable or circumvent these protective measures. Participants cannot share their passwords or use another person`s account.

The government claimed that the union had violated IRC instructions in several respects by encouraging its members to strike on 4 May and calling on members to leave schools attended by local MPs at the time. In a lawsuit, the state Department of Education accused the union of breaching New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) orders last November, ordering it to refrain from further industrial action.

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