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23 de novembre de 2022

At Myers Law Group, LLC, our clients come first. Each client is treated with courtesy and guarantees effective representation. Our expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation as one of Pennsylvania`s leading law firms. With offices in Cranberry Township, Wexford, Canonsburg and Greensburg, PA. We believe that this statement by President Theodore Roosevelt accurately describes how we deal with wrongful assault and death. Mike and Laura each have extensive litigation and litigation experience and are more than willing to sue and protect their clients` legal rights. We anticipate and prepare each of our cases thoroughly and aggressively, in the hope that they will be brought to justice. However, we also work diligently, respectfully and in good faith with insurance companies and opposing lawyers to negotiate fair settlements for our clients prior to litigation. However, if an insurance company refuses to offer our client a fair and reasonable solution, we do not hesitate to represent their people in all legal matters relating to divorce and separation, including custody and support, division of property and spousal support. Attorney Daniel Myers has represented consumers in litigation against companies that rip off their clients.

This page provides useful information on Ohio consumer rights, debtors` rights against collection agencies, and helpful tips on general home construction, home renovations, mechanics` privileges, and legal issues related to home repairs. If you or a loved one has been injured due to someone else`s negligence, contact us to learn more about your legal options. We have helped many previous clients get compensation for their losses. While we know many good lawyers who practice in other areas of law (and are happy to give you a name or two), we do not treat injuries caused by car accidents. We do not deal with wills, trusts or estate planning. We do not organize businesses. We handle consumer disputes. Too often, we`ve seen other lawyers try to handle claims like the ones we handle, only to ignore, forget, or mishandle consumer complaints – and these can be the strongest arguments available to a client. We even had to file a lawsuit on behalf of a client for a lawyer who did not understand the law well enough to know what was missing for his client. If you or your family need aggressive, qualified and committed legal representation, we can help. Let our experience and knowledge work for you.

We focus on our customers` needs with commitment and personal attention. We are not only your legal advisor, but also your lawyer and work hard to achieve the best results for you. We offer our clients a personalized and attentive service and follow their case with passion. Mr. Steinberg recently worked on behalf of our family. His behaviour, professionalism and knowledge of the law are enviable qualities, as is his responsiveness to our questions; A problematic topic for many law firms. I highly recommend his services. Myers Law`s lawyer, Dan Myers, is not a jack of all trades. Dan`s practice focuses on representing individual consumers against negligent contractors, fraudulent auto dealerships and dishonest debt collection agencies.

We focus on these areas because consumer and construction law is highly technical and can be difficult for inexperienced consumers and lawyers to understand. At The Myers Law Group, APC, our California employment lawyers represent individual employees and unions in all areas of employment. We have developed and maintained a unique blend of expertise as litigation, class action and employment lawyers who maximize returns for our clients through diligent advocacy at all stages or representation. Even if they follow traffic rules, motorcyclists have a higher probability of being seriously injured in an accident than drivers of other vehicles. I tried to deal with my accidental damage with the insurance company myself. It was a terrible idea. I researched and checked reviews for an accident lawyer. I decided to call the Myers. When faced with the total loss of my vehicle and personal injury after a car accident, I turned to the law firm The Myers.

Mike and Laura Myers were able to get me a generous severance package. The lawyer you choose to help you with your case should be experienced and knowledgeable about how to investigate, negotiate and, if necessary, argue your case. In addition, your lawyer must take care of you personally to learn all the facts that are specific to you and your case, because each person and each case is different.

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