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23 de novembre de 2022

According to the Business Distribution Rules of 1961, the Ministry of Justice is part of the Ministry of Law and Justice of the Government of India. It is one of the oldest ministries of the Government of India. Until 31.12.2009, the Ministry of Justice was part of the Ministry of the Interior and the Union Minister of the Interior was the Secretary of the Ministry of Justice. In view of the increasing workload and the formulation of numerous judicial reform policies and programmes in the country, a separate ministry, namely the Ministry of Justice, was separated from the MHA and placed under the responsibility of the Secretary to the Government of India, who was working as such under the Ministry of Law and Justice on 1 January 2010. The department is located at Jaisalmer House, 26, Man Singh Road, New Delhi. The organizational structure of the department includes 01 Assistant Secretary, 03 Joint Secretaries, 07 Directors/Assistant Secretaries and 08 Undersecretaries. The functions of the Ministry of Justice include the appointment, resignation and dismissal of the Chief Justice of India, the judges of the Supreme Court of India, Chief Justices and judges of the Supreme Courts and their official affairs. In addition, the Department is implementing major programmes for the development of judicial infrastructure, the establishment of special courts for expeditious proceedings and the resolution of sensitive cases (Special Expedited Court for Rape Cases and POCSO Act), the e-court project to computerize various courts throughout the country, legal aid for the poor and access to justice, financial support to the National Academy of the Judiciary for the training of judicial officers of the country. The functions of the Department of Justice are set out in Allocation of Business (Rules), 1961.

All other tasks assigned by the competent authority relate to the Old State Bank Building, Mall Road, Lahore. Issues related to the removal of public property, 2021. Issues related to the judicial complex, Lahore and Peshawar. Declaration of assets of civil servants and officials of this Ministry. Editorial questions. National Assembly and Senate Affairs (questions, resolutions, motions, etc.) Head of external administration, i.e. courts/tribunals Provide other ministries/departments/departments with all information to be collected by all other departments of that department. Administration of staff of BS-16 and above officers, including federal government functions of all ombudsmen and the NAB.

Maintenance of a database of the fleet of vehicles assigned to the ad hoc courts. Questions related to the directory, composite tasks, performance agreement, etc. Preparation of reports for various ministries/departments. A bill to protect individuals from the violation of their privacy through the processing of personal data. Provision should be made for procedures. disputes in connection with the aforementioned courts. Oversight of the administration of the administration of N/A (Admn-I), N/A (ADMN-VI), N/A (Gen) and N/A (B&A) of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, Supreme Courts, Federal Shariah Court and Federal Service Court. Guidance from the President/Prime Minister and Cabinet. Federal Civil Service Tribunal / existing competences of the section.

To establish the rules for the recruitment of the staff of the special courts. Rental of housing for employees of this department. Translation of the law from English into Urdu Undersecretary (Admin) 9208002 Solicitor General 9217341. Drafting of draft laws, regulations, laws, financial accounts and other similar instruments FAX NOS 9202628 (Minister`s Office) 9207995 (Secretariat) 9202541 (Main issues relating to gas and electricity utility courts). Administrative and financial matters of the Drug Courts, the Special Courts (Counter-Terrorism), the Foreign Exchange Regulation Appeals Board, the Commercial Courts, the Special Courts (Customs, Taxes and Smuggling), the Insurance Appeals Tribunal, the Benami Appeals Court, the Special Courts and the Competition Appeals Tribunal. Civil and district courts/existing jurisdictions of the section. All matters related to the Right of Access to Information Act, 2017 Financial matters (PAC – DAC, reconciliation of accounts appointment of Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General, and consultants and trainees/associate lawyers and related matters;. The Undersecretary and Director of Staff to the Federal Minister of Law and Justice is an advisory body that provides services to all federal and state government offices in legal, judicial and constitutional matters. Learn more. Supreme Court of Pakistan or any work assigned by the authorities Focal point for complaints on the Pakistan Citizens Portal. Administrative and financial matters of the Appellate Tribunal Inland Revenue, the Customs Appellate Tribunal, the Anti Dumping Appellate Tribunal, the Environmental Protection Tribunal, the NEPRA Appellate Tribunal & Medical Tribunal. seniority/pension and other related matters of employees working in judicial officers` offices throughout the country; and management/updating.

Pakistan Cell Laws Electronic Crime Prevention Issues, 2016. Budgetary matters of the Ministry and its affiliated departments Office of the Legislative Adviser) Parliamentary Secretariat 9201722 coordination work of the Administration/External Wing, including the consolidation of various reports/statements/information/parliamentary work, etc. and transmission to relevant circles and other necessary correspondents. All other work assigned from time to time LOCATION BLOCKS S&R PAKISTAN SECRETARIAT, ISLAMABAD. Administrative and financial matters of banking courts, special courts (criminal offences in banks). matters relating to delegation of authority under section 46 of the Narcotics Control Act 1997.

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