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3 d'octubre de 2022

Business law deals with laws on the basis of which any transaction between persons and commercial enterprises is regulated. The Law on Negotiable Instruments: Type and Type, Negotiation and Assignment. Timely owners, dishonor and relieve a tradable instrument. For entrepreneurs, managers and other professionals, it is important to have a basic understanding of business law in order to make better decisions. Businesses need these laws for the same reasons as people: to define unacceptable behavior, to create security and stability, to protect the public, and to provide a mechanism for companies to resolve disputes. Law on Joint-stock companies: types of companies, memoranda and articles of association, shareholders and bondholders, protection of minorities, liquidation. Business Law Important Questions Short and Long Important Long Questions Important Short Business Questions Important Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with AnswersMulti-Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers to¤¤3/4 to¤to¤²²² to¤¤²² to¤¤¤¤¤¤to¤¤to¥to¥¥²² to ¤¿à¤ to¥to¥to¥to¥to¥to¥to¥to¥to Chapter # 07 – Contingency and Quasi/Constructive Contracts Wise Chapter Long Questions and Short Questions with AnswersChapter # 01 – Contract and its Types Questions Questions long define the contract. Discuss the essential elements of a valid contract. Define the contract. Discuss in detail the types of contracts.

Chapter #02 – Offer / Proposal and AcceptanceLong questionsDefinition / Proposal and Acceptance. Discuss the essential elements of a valid proposal and its acceptance. Discuss the rules for revocation and acceptance of the proposal. Also explain the different ways to revoke a proposal. Chapter #03 – Considerations and Object Length IssuesDefine the Considerations. Briefly explain the exceptions to the “no consideration, no contract” rule. Discuss the consideration and objects considered illegal. Chapter #04 – Ability of the Parties / Ability to Tolerate Long QuestionsWhat do you mean by contractual capacity? Please explain the legal provisions regarding the agreement between minors and unhealthy spirits. Chapter #05 – Free ConsentLong QuestionsWhat do you mean by free consent? What effects does non-free consent have on the contract? Chapter #06 – No AgreementLong QuestionsWhat is a Null Agreement? What agreements are expressly declared null and void under the Contracts Act? Chapter #07 – Quotas and Quasi/Constructive ContractsLong QuestionsDefining a Conditional Contract? Explain it essentially and discuss the rules for the execution of conditional contracts. Define the quasi-contract? When the law imposes the obligation of contracts.

Chapter #08 – Contract Execution Long QuestionsKnow the general rules of contract performance. Chapter #09 – Contract Performance Long QuestionsWhat do you mean by entering into a contract? Explain the different types of contract processing. Chapter #10 – Breach of Contract Long QuestionsWhat is Breach of Contract? Discuss the remedies available to an aggrieved party in the event of a breach of contract. Chapter #11 – Indemnification and Warranty Long QuestionsDefining a clearing contract. What are the rights of the compensation holder if he is sued? When does the responsibility of the Freemason begin? What rights and responsibilities is a guarantor entitled to under a warranty contract? Explain the different types of guarantees and explain the different ways in which a guarantor is relieved of liability. Chapter #12 – Deposit and DepositLong QuestionsDefine and explain the essential elements of the deposit and pledge contract.

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