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2 d'octubre de 2022

The firm was created after the implementation of the reform of criminal procedure in our country to provide innovative and effective legal solutions in the field of criminal law. The firm was created after the implementation of the reform of criminal procedure in our country to provide innovative and effective legal solutions in the field of criminal law. One of the most radical innovations introduced by Law 20.393 was the determination of the criminal liability of legal persons. This new reality forces companies to adapt their organizational structures and corporate culture to show their interest in behaving like “good corporate citizens” and avoiding the serious consequences and impact on their image of criminal charges. This legislation introduced for the first time in Chile the criminal liability of legal persons for the crimes of money laundering, terrorist financing and corruption in which their employees or managers may be involved. Subsequent amendments included new offences for which companies, regardless of their sector or nature, are directly responsible due to poor organisation or operations that could not prevent the commission of crimes within them. The advantage is that the customer benefits from a discount of 20% (twenty percent) on the entire purchase made during the validity of the promotion, meeting the requirements set out in this law. The discount is made immediately at the time of purchase, which meets the specified requirements. The maximum amount of the discount is S / 100.00 (one hundred 00/100 soles). The compliance team, led by partner Matías Balmaceda, consists of a Division Manager (Iván Millán), a Division Manager (Antonia Bernales) and lawyers specialized in this area, all working in the different areas of compliance covered by the firm. The Compliance Unit specialises in criminal compliance, anti-corruption, money laundering prevention and terrorist financing.

The legal field specializes in highly complex litigation, defense against white-collar crime charges, tax crimes, civil servant offenses, contentious administrative cases, and civil litigation. Balmaceda, Cox y Piña was awarded for the integration of compliance and criminal law disciplines that allow them not only to create legal documents, but also to thoroughly assess the risks to which companies are exposed. To this end, it has professionals with extensive professional and academic experience, from various fields and related to the investigation of highly complex white-collar crime cases, as well as the design and implementation of compliance programs in many of the country`s largest companies. Nearly 40% of BCP Abogados` business is focused on compliance, with more than 70 consulting processes underway over the past 18 months. The legal sector has accounted for about 60% of the firm`s activities in the last 18 months, with more than 150 cases being handled or ongoing. The team consists of 3 partners and 7 associate lawyers, whose tasks are divided into legal and compliance areas. The leadership achieved in the country, based on the development of its own models and a wide portfolio of clients from the main market sectors, has allowed to expand its activities through a strategic alliance with the law firm Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas in Peru. To this end, it conducts a comprehensive process of gathering information based on the inherent characteristics of each company, carried out by professionals with extensive experience in various sectors, allowing them to create “customized” compliance programs. The company also supports companies in the correct and complete implementation of compliance programs. In this way, the firm provides personalized strategic advice and extensive experience in criminal matters to meet these new challenges and help companies design and certify the compliance program according to their reality. The promotion extension does not reactivate the discount option for customers who have already used the promotion. With regard to international litigation, BCP Abogados is the only Chilean law firm to have pleaded before the International Criminal Court and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in cases related to human rights and crimes against humanity.

This action is developed by the Banco de Crédito (BCP). This notification shall not be transmitted. Natural persons who have received an invitation to participate in this promotion and who, during the validity of it, have made a consumption for the minimum amount of S / 350.00 (three hundred and fifty and 00/100 soles) using as a means of payment a VISA BCP credit card of their property. Consumption must be made at Wong or Metro during the period of validity of the promotion. In order to access the Benefit, the Customer may do so by two modalities, (i) in person, for which, in addition to the above requirements, he must request his discount at the time of payment and present his bonus card, and (ii) for the Customer`s online purchase, in addition to meeting the above requirements, you must enter the coupon code, that you will find in this review. The Banco de Crédito del Perú is the largest and oldest Peruvian bank (founded in 1889 as Banco Italiano). It is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Lima Stock Exchange. Promotion valid throughout the country, valid from 17 to 30 June 2021. Advantage: 20% discount on purchases with Visa BCP credit cards. Bcp.

Development Fund: 350,000 S/ (three hundred and fifty thousand soles and 00/100 soles). Legal Market offers a wide range of services to comply with Law No. 20.393 through the implementation of crime prevention models.

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